Pet Odor Removal From Carpets and Rugs

22 Mar

Hello everyone!   I just got done going some gardening and realized that the summer humidity is coming to stir up nasty pet smells soon. Up here in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania we will be receiving many calls concerning  all types of foul-smelling odors during the summer months.

It’s important to understand that each odor is individual and this brief post will be concerned with the proper removal of pet urine odors.   Understanding the nature of the source, in this case urine, is the key to how to best approach the problem.

Pet urine starts off as an acid but quickly changes PH to an alkaline state.   A common alkaline household product is ammonia and that is partially why urine sometime smells like ammonia.   A common household acid is vinegar and this can be used to quickly neutralize some of your pet accident problems.

Using clear vinegar mixed half and half with water in a spray bottle, lightly mist a small inconspicuous area of the carpet or rug being treated.  Using a white towel for reasons mentioned in my earlier posts, check the area for dye transfer to prevent further damage.   If there is a transfer of dye, continue blotting until dry and consult a professional carpet cleaner.   Contact me through and I’ll be happy to make referrals or answer questions.

If you have no fugitive dye transfer then proceed to spray the affected area until moist.   You can use a hair comb to lightly stand up the pile for better penetration.   Allow the solution to dwell for about 5 or 10 minutes and then blot with your white towel.   Rinse the area by spraying with plain water and blot until you are no longer absorbing liquid.   Repeat if necessary.

Remember that some urine may have penetrated into the padding and or sub-floor.   In these cases more extreme measures need be taken and you should consider calling a professional.   Thanks for reading and check back for frequent updates.


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