How to Remove Red Stains From Carpet

6 Apr

With the Easter Holiday approaching, many ethnic groups enjoy eating a variety of cultural food and beverage.   Some of these items include red wine, pickled eggs and red beets to mention a few.   As a resident of Drums PA I experience a wide selection cultural dishes.

The best spotting tip I have is prevention.   Take the prized wool oriental rea rug out from under the dining room table.   Wool is very dye absorbing and red dyes are especially difficult to remove.

I don’t advocate concocotions but a half and half mix of peroxide and ammonia can be sprayed of the affected area.   A steam iron is used to extract the dye into a white towel.   Please note this can be dangerous to your health and may cause permanent damage to your rug.

I highly recommend calling a professional cleaner.   I can be reached  at   Myself or my staff can recommend the best course of action.

Have a joyous holiday season and enjoy.  And don’t forget to call Services Etcetera for your spring cleaning needs.


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