Keeping Simple Household Items at Arms Reach Prevents Costly Damage

26 Apr

The old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” may be the difference between a disaster and an inconvenience.   When you spill or drop something on your rug, carpet or upholstery, having some simple household items at arms reach will cost you nothing and could save you a costly repair bill.

Most of my carpet spot cleaning advice employs the use of a clean absorbent white towel.   White will not transfer dye into your spot causing more damage, will show if color is migrating from your work area and serves as your primary method of soil extraction.   Designate a flat heavy object such as a stack of old books that you can easily place on top of your towel when needed.   Always blot and never rub.

A clean and empty spray bottle is good to have handy.   When tending to a spill, stopping to look for spray bottle just might give any dyes or other matter time to stain your rug or fabric.   Using a spray bottle allows you to moisten an area without over wetting, saves on cleaning solution and prevents you from soaking the carpet backing.

An ordinary hair comb can be used as a grooming tool and is ideal for gently working spot cleaners into a carpet without being abrasive.  The larger end of a plain men’s hair comb is ideal for setting carpet pile after rinsing a freshly cleaned spot or spill.

Use a spoon from the kitchen drawer to remove solids.   In the case of chocolate, gum, candle wax and similar problems use the dull rounded edge to remove as much of the excess material before applying a cleaning agent.   Avoid being harsh and abrasive so not to disturb the twist and lay of the carpet in the affected area.   Causing microscopic scratches in the carpet fibers will result in visible damage.

Having these simple but effective tools handy in an emergency will make cleaning up a mess less stressful and less costly.   There are many different cleaning products you can buy and magic potions you mix yourself but the basic tools needed to apply and remove them will always be the same.   Visit for more “How To” spot cleaning tips.


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