29 Apr

Wet or dry, removing egg from a carpet is best accomplished using an enzyme based product.   There are many types of enzymatic digesters on the market that clean various types of stains so make sure to get one specifically designed for cleaning food protein.

It is a good idea to consult the manufacturer information before starting any cleaning.   Check to see if they provide cleaning instructions or that you are not voiding your carpet’s warranty.   Consult a professional carpet cleaner should you need to have the stain protector reapplied after cleaning.

Dry egg can be gently scraped using a spoon from the kitchen drawer to remove any excess solid matter.   The dull rounded edge will help prevent you from causing more damage.   Move on and skip the next step

Fresh wet egg can be blotted or scooped up using a clean white towel working the spot from the outer edge toward the center.   This will prevent you from making the spot larger.

Read the directions on the spot cleaner you have decided on using keeping in mind these basic spot cleaning methods.   Never rub always blot, if you have to tamp or scrape use a spoon and always pretest any cleaning agent in an inconspicuous area first checking for adverse reactions

After cleaning I highly advise rinsing the area by misting a small amount of water on the carpet and blotting with your white towel.   Please read the instructions on any spot cleaner you choose because some products require a dwell time and should not be rinsed immediately.

Be sure and check out my other spot cleaning tips.


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