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How To Remove Paint from your Carpet or Rug

15 Aug

As a professional carpet cleaner from Hazleton, Pennsylvania I often hear the statement, “but it’s only water based paint”.   Once paint dries, in terms of how easy it is to clean, there really is no difference in my opinion.

Using techniques similar to those in a video demonstrating “removing nail polish” you can safely attempt this task.   I highly suggest watching this step by step process for succesful results.

Depending on the size of the spot, consider using a pair of ‘duck bill” scissors to trim the tips of the individual fibers.   For spots about the size of a pencil eraser or larger use a citrus gel type product to break down the spot with dwell time and a little agitation.   Rinse the area with mild soap and water. Blot the area dry with a white towel and then blot the area with denatured alcohol to remove any residue.

For wet paint determine whether the paint is water or oil based.   In either case use a white towel to soak up the bulk of the mess by blotting.   Use as many towels as necessary and continue until there is minimal transfer of paint into the towel.   Do not pour any spot cleaner directly on the carpet and always pretest the spotting agent in an inconspicuous location before attempting any cleaning.

When cleaning water based paint spills use 2 tablespoons of a mild liquid laundry detergent with 16 ounces of water.   Moisten the area using a spray bottle and continue blotting. Repeat until the paint is removed and rinse with plain water.   Blot with denatured alcohol to remove any residues.

Oil based paints require solvent type spotting cleaners.   Blot the spill with denatured alcohol using a white cloth. Continue blotting until there is no more transfer of paint into the towel.   If paint still remains use a solution of water and liquid laundry detergent. Rinse by blotting with denatured alcohol.

Finish the job by grooming the carpet gently with a large tooth hair comb.   This will assist in drying and restore the lay of the carpet.   For a free estimate and more information visit us on the web at or consult an IICRC Certified carpet cleaning company in your area at